E2E QoS Implementation

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Case:  There is no network traffic classification and prioritization. Voice, Signaling, and Data are treated similarly causing poor performance.

Solution: We developed a QoS Golden standard for each vendor: Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, Cisco, NEC, Ceragon. Massive rollout of QoS Golden Standard in all regions and all network domains

Result: Improve customer voice service quality and reduction of 93% signaling Retransmission. Increase network stability and KPI improvement.

  1. E2E QoS Implementation is a complex project because it involves the synchronized  configuration of thousand of Network in Transport, IP, PS Core and CS Core Domains in a Multivendor Environment
  2. During the 2023 E2E Team was required  to implement E2E VoLTE Service optimization and support during 5G implementation.
  3. The main result of the E2E QoS Project is the improvement of KPI in many critical markets and the outstanding  reduction of 93% signaling Retransmission all over the Network.



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